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What sets HPMC apart from other health facilities?

When I first started my career in Science I worked in pure biological research at the Clinical Towers of the University of Stoneybrook's Medical School. I simply loved research and showed enough talent that I was promoted to the position of Laboratory Director at the Neural Tube Defect Laboratory. Our research was in Nuclear Medicine and we developed the Alpha-Feto Protein (AFP) test designed to detect many very serious congenital spinal defects, such as Spina bifida and anencephaly. At the same time I also worked as an instructor in the Medical School and taught Physical Examination and Diagnosis procedures. 

My work at these prestigious facilities gave me an interesting perspective on health care. Essentially, I came to realize that no health care specialty has all the answers and most patients are best served by a well orchestrated multi-disciplinary approach. This is when I conceived the idea of a facility like HPMC that is capable of tailoring a person’s healthcare, not only to their specific needs but also to their own healthcare philosophy. For those patients that are very medically oriented, we have a complete array of medical services that can provide the very best in medical diagnostics as well as appropriate medical treatment. 

However, those persons who have exhausted all the medical approaches to their health problems or a person who is more oriented to Holistic care, we have the staff and physicians who can provide a wide variety of Holistic treatment modalities including non-medicinal pain management, diet and supplement counseling, rehabilitative exercise, a wide variety of physical therapy modalities for pain relief and rehabilitation. Our wide variety of health services enables us to provide the patient alternatives in treatment and support their own health philosophy.

In addition, we have an excellent Chiropractic and physical therapy section to address many types of pain syndromes and musculo-skeletal and neurological infirmities. We have over thirty years experience in treating and rehabilitating persons injured in motor vehicle accidents, industrial or work related injuries, sports injuries and much more. Many people have found that by finding the underlying cause of their pain and infirmity we are able to correct the source of the problem rather than mask the symptoms with pain medications that eventually are no longer effective causing the patient to resort to stronger and stronger pain medications.

Finally, our office is set up primarily for the patient’s convenience. So often our patients are very pleasantly surprised that they are assigned to only one doctor and they are not required to treat with whoever is on call that day. This allows the patient’s to develop a relationship with their physician who then gets to know them as a person and not just another file. We also provide many services not available in many other health care offices that constantly refer their patients to one facility to another to perform necessary testing. For our patient’s convenience we perform blood draws, urine sample collection, electrodiagnostic testing, radiology and have visiting specialists who come to our office to perform testing on our patients. So many or our elderly patients or those with transportation problems enjoy coming to our office for the convenience of a “one stop” health facility.

In summary, Hyde Park Medical Center has been recognized as one of the top twenty-five healthcare facilities in Jacksonville, which comes from our attention to patient needs, comprehensive services and prompt and appropriate treatment. We hope you will allow us the honor one day of allowing us to show that you may experience the friendly and professional services that we provide to all of our patients.

Added Benefits of the Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment

Here's a neat fact about Chiropractic adjustments that I don't think a lot of patients or even chiropractors know: When an adjustment ( specific manipulation of a spinal vertebra) is made, that therapeutic mechanism stimulates special mechanical receptors in the spine that immediately send signals up the core to the brainstem, cerebellum and through the brainstem towards a dense opioid receptor filled brain control center called the periaqueductal gray (PAG) matter, to the hypothalamus, cortex and down the brain stem and to the spinal cord, clearing pathways that connect to emotional centers, immune function centers and other pathways, balancing muscle tone and function, organ tone and function, balance and sensory function, and making a natural block of pain fibers and receptors located in the spinal cord .

The key is that adjustments directly connect to the rich opioid receptor centers in the brain that can naturally handle body stress and pain without addiction and at the same time up regulates Autonomic Nervous System control, boosts immune system function, visceral or organ function, awareness, mood, etc. Studies show that the brain "lights up" in a good way after an adjustment to the spine. The result of this is a brain and nervous system that is fully connected and communicating to all the body cells and tissues optimizing function with no side effects. To make it simple: the stiffer your spine is the more probable your chances of having an organ malfunction, immune challenge, mood problems, etc. This is reason enough for everyone to get adjusted regularly!